Savvy Father Saves $1.2M By Purchasing Daughter’s Admission To USC Instead Of Yale

MENLO PARK—A highly successful venture capitalist and father is being recognized as a savvy shopper for selecting USC over Yale in a recent purchase of a guaranteed acceptance into college for his daughter, saving the businessman north of a million dollars as a result. “When the advisor presented me with the different options and their prices, it was a big challenge for me at first because Yale is a great school with an excellent name,” said the father. “I thought about what the real value of a degree from Yale is compared to USC, and I decided that the latter was a much better deal. Besides, regardless of where or what my daughter studies in college, she can get any job she wants with my help,” he continued while lighting an expensive cigar. At press time, the father was contacting potential publishers for a book deal that would make his expert purchasing strategies and negotiation advice available to the public.

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