Facebook Bans Yiannopoulos, InfoWars, Your Uncle From Platform

Milo Yiannopoulus and your uncle have been frequently cited as making controversial statements about sexuality and race

PALO ALTO, CA — In a landmark political event, Facebook has joined Twitter and other social media sites by banning controversial speakers Milo Yiannopoulus, InfoWars (Alex Jones’ media organization), and your uncle from posting content on the platform.

“It wasn’t an easy decision,” said CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in an exclusive interview with Business Outsider. “Our organization takes free speech very seriously and everyone here wants Facebook to be an open marketplace for ideas. However, the nature of the content generated by InfoWars and your uncle is the apex of filth and vitriol that offers no advancement of civil discourse, which is ultimately the driving factor that led to the bans.”

Facebook (FB) stock is up roughly 40% year-to-date despite continued speculation about the inevitable regulation from the federal government on the horizon.

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