Juul Competitor Announces New Biodegradable, Single-use Vapes Called “Cigarettes”

Juul users everywhere are converting from the antiquated pods to this curious and all-natural combustible device

RICHMOND, VA — A new competitor to Silicon Valley startup JUUL has shaken up the market in a big way with a biodegradable alternative to JUUL’s vaporizer which they’ve dubbed: “cigarettes”.

Business Outsider had an exclusive interview with the chief executive of the company who was excited about the prospect of cigarettes: “We think we’ve stumbled upon something that consumers can really get their arms around,” he stated excitedly. “We took the idea that JUUL developed to deliver nicotine to the user and turned it on its head- we thought that the whole idea of having a metal vape and harmful pods was counterproductive to a sustainable future for our planet. With that as a backdrop, our research and development team designed ‘cigarettes’: they’re completely recyclable and harmless to the user who inhales warm and inviting smoke which transports the nicotine to the user’s bloodstream at a 65% faster rate than a typical JUUL vape.”

The company has quickly gained traction in the market, with over 76% of JUUL users in a recent survey claiming that they’ve also used cigarettes in the past month. However, this nascent market has yet to be crowned a winner as incumbent JUUL continues to fiercely battle competing vaporizers as well as newer products such as “cigarettes”.

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