New Headphones Use AI To Block Out Your Mom’s Voice Unless She Mentions Food

BOSTON, MA — Sony has announced a new iteration of their popular product line with a compelling new feature not yet seen in the market: the headphones leverage AI-based algorithms to analyze audio signals and filter out any sounds from your mom unless she uses the words “dinner”, “food”, or other words related to cooking.

“We track the exact frequencies that the typical mother uses to speak with our customers, which are typically affluent men between the ages of 17 to 35 that live in their parent’s home,” the CTO of Sony announced at a recent product launch conference. “Then, we use an algorithm to filter out these frequencies unless certain keywords are used. As a result, our users will be able to stay focused on their gaming without distractions from their mothers and streamline their eating behaviors as well. This was our most hotly requested feature by our users and everyone here at Sony is so excited to finally bring it to the public.”

Analysts on Wall Street covering Sony speculate that the company will continue to iterate on this design. Rumors point to plans for an adaptive software which allows the user to customize which audio they would like to filter out- including their father, friends, or other loved ones that might be mistakenly concerned with the wellbeing of the user.

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